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We couldn’t find a food storage product that was good enough for our families, so we created our own. Our story starts back in 2005. Just like most people, our Founder felt a strong desire to provide food storage for his growing family. This had become a more pressing matter on his mind and after some research decided to invest in food storage to prepare his family for any situation that they may encounter. He purchased and stored his food neatly in his basement and then went about his life, business as usual. A few years later, while checking on his food Storage, he noticed something rather unsettling. The food storage cans were mis-shapen! How did that happen?! They had either been packaged incorrectly or they were damaged in the move. We decided to look at the contents of our cans and we discovered that our food storage had gone very bad!

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Category: Stores/Valley Food Storage
Type: Coupon
Price: 10% Off
Published: 2017-12-15
Available until: 2017-Dec-31 9:00 PM
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