What Will I Learn?

  • Have transformational knowledge to have a great psychology, technical and fundamental basics of trading
  • Have a right trading psychology and mindset to a great career in trading
  • Find four golden success rules to success in trading
  • Basic analysis for chart reading
  • Understand stock market and overview, how to make money profitably trading in the market


  • Complete beginner is the most welcome


In this series of videos, you will learn:

1) Trading Psychology and mind-Set

2) Five Pillars of Wealth - How Trading and Investing come into Equation in Building Your Financial Wealth

3) Wealth Psychology

4) Commitment Definition

5) Journey to be a Profitable Trader

6) Growth Strategy

7) Investment vehicle (products) 

8) Fundamental and Technical Analysis - Introduction, comparison and some crucial fundamental criteria

9) Technical Chart Reading Basic

10) Drawing effective Support and Resistance line 

11) Stock Price Natural Movement

12) Being Financial Wealthy

13) Tips and donts

14) Environement Versus Willpower

15) Success Trader Rules

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Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who want to generate passive income through stock market or any financial equities
  • Anyone who is skeptical on making money the stock market
  • Beginners, intermediate or even advance trader who want to gain the right trading psychology

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